How important is age?

I know this girl (A friend of a friend). She is wicked awesome and we get along great and everything, but I think the only thing keeping us apart is age. I'm 15, a sophomore in high school, and she is 19, a freshman in college. I don't mind it, but she does. Can I do anything about it?


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  • No offense, she will never date you.

    It would be illegal for her to sleep with you for one.

    Everyone she knows would make fun of her.

    You're in two total different stages of life.

    It wouldn't work. Sorry friend :(


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  • not really. SHE HAS to convince herself. they only thing you can do is just act as mature as possible.


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  • Just keep being who you are. If it's meant to be she'll eventually figure out that age is a rather meaningless number. Lots of women - especially younger ones - have this idea that they're not "supposed to" date younger guys. Unfortunately, you and her are at an age where things change rapidly, and so 4 years seems like a big deal. But if she was 26 and you were 22, it probably wouldn't seem as big a hurdle.

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