A request for a daily text. Too needy? Or reasonable request?

My boyfriend and I don't get to see each other very often right now because of our jobs and so on.

He hates talking on the phone, but will text once in a while.

The lack of time together has been a strain on our relationship, but we handled it pretty well.

I want to start working on ways to spend more time together, but in the mean time would like to at lease hear from him once a day. If no more that a text saying Goodnight or Good morning, love you or something.

I know I can't make him stay in contact ( I would never want him to feel forced to do something), but I would like to say " I understand we are both busy and tired, but I need to hear from you a little more".

I don't want to be the clingy girlfriend here but feel a little more contact would help us.

So what do you think?

Should I ask?

Or am I being too needy?

  • Asking for a daily text from you partner is a reasonable request when you are unable to see each other
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  • Asking for a daily text from you partner in being too needy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just ask him for a daily text or short call.

    Don't wait for him to call everyday, also call him or write him a txt, sharing responsibility.

    Just don't let it become a chore in times of high stress like working overtime or whatever, I don't know in which field you two are working but sometimes one can be too tired to sleep, in those instances even calling/txting a loved one can be really bothersome.

    Still I find it a valid request.

    • I text him @ bedtime. Usually something short like " I love you my love". He may respond with "Love you".sometimes he will say a few words more, but other times he doesn't answer and rarly does he start the convorsatiion by texting first.

      I'm thinking about asking him to take a more active role, by texting something once a day,, whether it be an answer to mine or texting me first.

      I just think a little more contact would help. It can't be normal for a couple not to stay in touch.

      thanks !

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What Guys Said 2

  • Thats not weird at all. I mean, sitting him down and forcing him to text you at least once a day would be a bit much, but why don't you just text him to strike up a conversation?

    • I do text him. Once a day at bed time.

      sometme he answers. Other he doesn't. I even tried answer short questions like " how was you day". No response.

      but if I stop - he complains he misses my text.

      he drives me nuts some times, but I love him with all my heart and he loves me in his own strange little way :)

  • I'd feel odd NOT talking to my girlfriend everyday...


What Girls Said 1

  • no, you're not being needy at all. that's a reasonable request esp since you don't see each other or talk on the phone