Why didn't she want to kiss me?

OK so I've been hanging out with this girl and she asked me to go to homecoming with her. I said yes and we hung out a couple of times before the dance in which I put my arm around her, we held hands and we cuddled. During the dance she was even grinding on me! At one point I went in to kiss her but she pulled away. Was it the wrong time or does she not want to take that next step? So confused...


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  • Oh honey, it sounds like SHE'S confused! You just got major teased on right now, and I will tell you that straight up because I remember doing the SAME thing in high school. Basically, she's interested, but she's not ready to give up any kisses. She's going to make you work for it because she wants you to chase it. As long as she's not doing anything really straight out mean to you, just enjoy the game.

    BUT if it gets to the point where she just keeps stalling for a LONG time and/or if she's playing head games, then you need to have a "what's the deal? Get me on the same page please" chat with her. At this point, just go with the flow until you're not comfortable and then at that point, communication is the key. Good luck! :)

    • What do you think would define a "LONG" time?

    • A "Long" time is the point where it's not cute anymore. Depends on how often you see her. If she does this every single day, then okay, after a month, it's done if it's not going anywhere.

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