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Friends with benefits is confusing me?

Started this friends with benefits thing with my coworker... I know that's already a bad thing to do. Months of back and forth flirting and it just happened. We were on the same shift before the friends with benefits thing started now we've been moved to different shifts so there's that. Anyways, first time I go over everything is fine. We have sex I leave like an hour later even though it seemed he didn't want me to go. Second time we drank and I stayed then got the gtfo card. He told me he doesn't want a relationship bc of his f'd up past experiences. I'm fine with that. Third time I go over there and he's got candles lit, he offered to make me dinner (I said no thanks), we watched a movie, I mentioned I was cold and he asked me if I wanted to cuddle with him I said sure but then thought better of it and didn't, after the movie we got down to business. Afterwards he told me about his ex and we talked about work and random stuff. We put on a t. v. show and he held my hand. I'd catch him looking at me and he'd randomly touch me. He hinted to me that he wanted me to sleep in his bed. We did get drunk and I fell asleep on his couch. I woke up while he was still asleep said thanks and left. I've never had a friends with benefits. I don't know what's acceptable and what's not. I mean after we had sex he said he needed me to tell him the sex was good (dude you couldn't tell?) So he's got insecurity issues? His actions don't match his words, at least to me they don't. I need some insight on how I should proceed with him because once he said he wasn't looking for a relationship I decided that was it and it would only be friends with benefits. Any advice is appreciated. I feel like hand holding, cuddling and cooking me dinner are lovey dovey things personally...
Friends with benefits is confusing me?
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