First first and need help?

First, I'm a dude. Forget the profile color.

Second, I am 23.

So anyway, the details. Dinner and maybe drinks.

1. She lives about 1 hour away. It's not a drivable distance on a weekday, so that leaves weekends only. I'd normally be hesitant to go for a first date dinner given what I've read here, but a 2 hour drive combined kind of requires it.

2. Dinner is about 2 hours. I figure conversation went about as well as could be expected. I notice she twirls her hair a lot, which I initially figured to be a sign of disinterest, but after googling that I'm not so sure.

So that's a +.

Her birthday is a couple days from now, I gave her a card, no gift. She seemed impressed. So that's another +.

3. After dinner, I go to the bathroom. I figure this gives her a chance to evaluate whether to pick up the 'drinks' option of the dinner and maybe drinks, or not to and call it a night.

She picks up the option, we get in her car, and start driving off. I figure 2 drinks or so, head home, and I did a decent job.

4. We're about halfway, and she gets the 'my roommate has to go to the ER call'. My gut is screaming *bailout preplanned phone call*, while my mind is saying that I already gave her a bailout option and she declined it. She actually volunteers to take me to the ER, but I figure I have no need to be a part of that.

5. I tell her I had a good time (which I did until the ending), she tells me to call or email her later, and we part ways.

Is she interested?

Leaning towards no, but I am not sure.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If she tells you to call her later, that is a good sign. The positive body language is also good. Don't worry about the ER thing, next time you talk to her, try and ask questions about it if you are suspicious. I say she likes you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe her friend really did have to go to the er.

    Maybe she got a little scared that drinks would lead to you trying to get in her pants.

    I think you should email her. If she doesn't respond then you know how she felt. If she does email back then maybe she's still interested. If she was just a little scared be understanding. It's scary out there - especially for a chick.

    • Alrite, going to give it a shot.