What should I do with my girlfriend? (hanging out)

So I'm a junior in high school and she's a freshman. She's 15 I'm 16. I knew she liked me and I liked her so I asked her out a couple days ago. I was kind of reluctant to at first because I can't drive (long story) and I don't have a job, so I considered myself to be a really lame boyfriend, and I didn't want her to be in a relationship where we couldn't do much together, but apparently she didn't mind. So that leaves me with the question "just what the heck do I do to spend time with her?" she lives like an hour away from me, but we go to the same school. I have no source of income, so I wouldn't be able to buy her much or go to a movie or anything. I just want to be a good boyfriend. What can we do together?


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  • Adorable. I'm a junior in high school too, and I feel like I'm lame girlfriend material for the same reasons. XD I've been too lazy to even get my learner's permit. But ah, there are still things to do. That's really nice that you want to buy her things too, but it's not everything so don't fret. You can even buy her little things when you have the money, like surprise her with her favorite candy bar. (Find that out, btw.) Do you have a non-violent 2-player video game/system like a Wii? She can come over and play. You can have movie nights and rent movies with your parent's blockbuster/netflix account, have a cool theme or something (like cheesy 80's romance or film noir or indie flicks or whatever you can imagine/think she'll like!) Be a tourist in your own town too, museums, parks, etc. PARKS. Parks are the best, especially if there's one in walking distance. Swings, monkey bars, having a picnic in a field, feeding the ducks or just sitting on a bench looking at a pond are all cool. Be creative.

    To the anonymous girl, in the States, you can get your driver's license at 16 but there are rules like not more than 1 unrelated teen can be in the car, no driving past a city's curfew, no listening to loud music, etc. You can get one without restrictions at 18 in most states. You can get your learner's permit at 15 (at least in what state I live,) which means you can drive if you're accompanied by a parent/supervisor.

  • Go to a park and just hang out. It's super fun and you don't have to spend any money. You can pack a lunch and take a ball or something, so if an awkward situation arises, you can suggest an activity to do.She'll think it's cute that you put all the effort in for her. Plus if it gets cold, you can let her borrow (or give her) your jumper. That always makes us girls feel loved and appreciated. But, I have a question for you. I'm guessing your American because you wrote 'junior school' and 'freshman'. In America, once you get your licence, can you drive by yourself or do you need a supervised driver, how many hours do you need to do before your fully licenced and how long do you have to wait to get your full licence? Sorry, not American :-)


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