Why does he always "disappear"?

There is this guy that I have known for a couple years, and we have dated/ had flings on and off throughout that time. I really like him and he is aware of that. I have told him before how much it bothers me that we will hangout for a month or so and then he won't return any of my calls or texts. He has stated to me in the past that he is not ready for a relationship yet (he is still kind of hung up on an ex). I understand were he is coming from, and have told him I will be friends with him, but won't sleep with anyone unless were dating... After having a few discussions with him about all this he told me we could be friends and that he won't suddenly stop talking to me or ignoring me. Which this time he hasn't stopped yet ( so far) yet he still constantly hints about having sex. and has mentioned once being single kind of sucks. I can't get out of him where this is going, I'm afraid if I pry about it anymore it will push him away again...


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  • He is just stringing you along, you don't deserve someone who will treat you like that.

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