What do women really think of men?

I've always asked myself this question, I know that women don't think of all men as the kind of people who just want to get in other peoples pants. I mean, what is it with women and secrets? they give you hints then you have no idea what she plans to do if you start dating.


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  • Well I think we can't really blanket statement anyone, be it guys or girls. We all go through our own experiences. If you've been cheated on (guy or girl) and especially multiple times, you're going to feel that the opposite sex is untrustworthy. It all just depends on past experience and that changes person to person.

    I don't know what is up with ANYONE and secrets. I'm tired of that myself. I'm totally down with not showing ALL of your cards, but be straight up and honest too. We're all adults man!

    • I know? why act like a bunch of ninth grades and keep secrets? just lay down all of your cards, whether it be a 7, 3, 5, 2 or a royal flush. just be honest with yourself? do you want to act like a ninth grader?

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  • When you meet some-one for the first time you will have an idea of them. Just like when you go for your interview, the boss makes a judgement to themselves as soon as you walk in that door.

    Yes I think a lot of guys just want one thing, but I still know that other guys aren't like that.

    I would know what one is the bag egg, and what's the good one. Some are obvious, some play it smart. And a lot of girls I know including myself always have an eye out. No matter how good looking heis or how sweet he is we always have an eye out...


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