The girl I like has a boyfriend?

The situation is really confusing. I met her a few days ago and we get along really well. We have hung out a few times and we share common interests. She seems to not get along with her boyfriend as well as she does with me. About 3 days after we met we decided to hang out in my dorm room and we hung out until it got to be around midnight. I told her that I really liked her and she responded with basically "that's fine but I'm taken right now" We kept hanging out that night and it wasn't awkward. We kept hanging out and watched a movie on netflix until five. Now this is where it becomes confusing. She decided that she wanted to stay the night with me in my dorm. So we went to bed in the same bed and talked for a bit and then fell asleep and that was it. 2 days later I hung out with her in her room and she wanted me to stay there with her so I did. Still all that happened was we talked and went to sleep. So I'm confused as to what I should do. I like her and it feels like she likes me but she never says she does. What should I do?

I wish it was easy to ask something like that. I don't want to ask and make things awkward between us. the last thing I want is to lose a friend.


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  • Well bro, looks like she's got you on her "hooks". She won't leave her BF, and would still hang out with you or in other words she's pretty much cheating on her Boyfriend with u. Why don't you ask her if you would wanna take your "thing" to the next level ? Or ask her where the two of you stand, if what you two have is a relationship or what is it that is going on between the two of u, and where you see the two of you in the future. If she's really keen on having a relationship with u, then, I feel sorry for her BF, if not, I feel sorry for u.