Was saying no to my crush the right response?


I'm in the middle of middle school, and I don't know what should I do after so much has happened... So this boy, used to sit in front of me in science class one grade ago. He would constantly do weird things like... dabbing with fidget spinners? and throw immature tantrums at the teacher for the stupidest reasons. Me and my best friend would laugh at him and he would often sneak a smile seeing us laughing. That was nearly the whole grade.
The grade after, the grade I'm in now... was just enough to make me go crazy. I started to get a huge crush on him, and would get really nervous. At first everything was fine, until science class again, he was making constant jokes and when the teacher finally shut him up, I told my friend i was gonna make eye contact with him and I did, and we both stared at each other for 3 seconds, then I looked away. The science teacher decided seat us front of each other.(What a coincidence). Now I didn't laugh at his jokes anymore, I was too nervous of sounding like a dying cow laughing or doing something wrong that would ruin everything. He would constantly, nonstop, make jokes and flirt with the other girl at the table. Then he would constantly pick a fight with the other boy at the table. Constantly. Multiple times. At this point, it was by the time he asked me to be girlfriend. I SAID NO. I absolutely had the biggest crush on him, but when I REALLY look at him, he is always with his old "ex" which is like the most perfect person that beats me with looks by a lot. Also he has had many girlfriends in the past. I knew he was a cheater, f boy and i didn't want my heart broken from him. But I still regret saying no. He then asked again, and by the time he did my grades were so low from being distracted by him, and I was ignoring him completely, not responding. I then told the teacher he was distracting me and switched tables. He is more quiet now. What should I do?
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Today I forgot my math notebook in first class, and at the end of the day my friend gave me my notebook and he told me that my crush got hold of it and threw it -_- He also got real creepily close to me as I was trying to squeeze myself around him
Was saying no to my crush the right response?
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