Dating material? Honest responses please...

Hey everyone,

Just a quick one - I've never really gotten any feedback on my looks and appearance, except by family and its kind of hard to take that seriously lol! I'm looking for some genuine feedback, on what your reaction would be if I was to approach you (just based on looks, not the whole thing I know, but important).

Any comments, or crit - I'm working on improving myself all round, so criticisms important too. I've just put up a reality check, but thought I might get some deeper responses here.

Oh, and I don't have any pics with my hair done - would usually just be some gel through it, messed up a bit, but fairly tame. Just realized I don't have enough XPER to put links here, so pics are in my profile if you'd be kind enough to look. They were taken the other day, and are pretty natural of me. Thanks in advance!


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  • Yes, you're dating material.