Why did my ex kiss me?

we both still have feelings for each other, but we aren't sure if we'd work out if we got into a relationship with each other again. on Saturday night he kissed me, quite a few times. why would he do this if he isn't sure whether we should get back together?


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  • why not?

    • Maybe because it gives mixed signals?

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    • You said Saturday night, probably drunk, any girl becomes worth a poke when your drunk

    • Oh right I see lol

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  • Funny this exactly same scenario happened to me this last Saturday too lol its so frustrating. I denied his advances sober and once alcohol got involved we ended up making out as well. Next day I told him I can't be your friend we need to see other people so we can finally move on. No reply on his part...i guess he got the message.

    • The next day I said something similar to him, and he said that's not what I want, but I guess I can't stop you. I said well its obvious you don't want to be with me and he said that's total crap you know its nothing to do with that. I'm sticking with moving on from him though,