How much time should I wait till I take her on a second date?

I just went on a date today. I want to know how much time I should wait before I call her and go on another date. I really don't know.

It would great thanks!


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  • It depends on the date. Did she have a good time? Honestly. Did she show interest? How did the date end? Did you kiss her on the lips or the cheek? Did she kiss you back? If she had a good time and it ended well, you can call and ask anytime. There is no set time to wait. I asked my date when I was saying good bye if she would like to go on a second date and she said yes because: she had a good time, we had chemistry, she kissed me on the cheek also. It has been going great. Be confident and be honest. If you like her, nothing should stop you.

    • So should I ask her if she wants to go on a second date?

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    • Yes, ask her. What have you got to lose? If she says yes, you can continue a future with this girl. If she says no, (which she won't), you can start your future with someone else. Good Luck!

    • Ask her "Hey, I had a great time on our date the other day and I wanted to know if you were free (say a day) so that we could go out again?" Make it seem like you have a plan and are in control. If you ask "i was wondering if you would like to possibly..blah blah" that puts her in control. Women like dominant men. Be one. Show it.

  • Like what he said, if yall had a good time ask her and don't worry about stupid rules about how long to wait or when to call or whatever if you think and worry about it too much your gonna drive yourself crazy just do what feels comfortable and if she likes you back she's not gonna care about when or how you ask her out again

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