Guys: what qualities does a woman need in order for you to date her? Girls can give advice too lol!

I have always felt like guys look me over when it comes to dating. My guy friends say that when they first met me they were afraid to "talk" to me or figure I had a boyfriend already also I get put into the little sister category or good girl category. I don't get it, guys think I'm cute but they don't approach me and they act like they are scared to talk to me! What do guys look for when dating? How can I step out of that little sis/innocent category?! Should I be more outgoing? Also I have never been good at flirting! How do you flirt and still be yourself because I'm on the quiet side! I just want to go on more dates and get out there, so any advice is appreciated!


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  • First, make sure you are approachable, smile and make eye contact. That should make you much easier to approach, maybe initiate conversation with people whenever you have a good reason to, even a simple question like asking the time can turn into a full conversation.

    When dating, I don't look at much honestly, I like good looking shy girls(I have a thing for shy girls) who are nice and know what they wanna do in life, which is pretty easy to figure in a very short amount of time. Dating is mostly for the girl to get to know you because girls are like that and can't figure out people right away and care about details like hobbies and whatnot. For the sis thing, it's mostly about body language and eye contact if you "look" attracted(laugh at their jokes, even better, touch them while you do so, maintain eye contact, ...), they will feel attracted themselves. You don't need to be outgoing or anything, there are men who like all kind of lifestyles, just make sure you hint them to potential date locations ( stuff like " Id like to see this movie", or whatever)


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