Should I give him a kiss on the cheek?

I've been thinking about whether or not I should give the guy I like a kiss on the cheek after he drops me off back home... The only problem is that I recently found out that he doesn't like me back in the same way I like him. So that's made me a bit sad lately. I gave him a hug the other day when he dropped me off back at my house after spending the night with him (yeah, I know. Probably a bad idea since he said he doesn't like me back), but I didn't care then. Now I'm starting to feel the emotions build up from spending the night with him and no we didn't do anything like fool around, lol. But I'm just thinking is giving him a kiss on the cheek while hugging him goodbye a bad thing since he doesn't like me back the same way?

By the way, me and him are really good friends. We've known each other for about 5 years now, I think.

Also wanted to add that the last thing I wanna do, is ruin the close friendship I have with him right now. And if it helps, he knows I like him too since I told him a few months back.


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  • it doesn't gives him an obvious sign of your attraction to him for possibly acting on...worse case, he rejects you back to the friendship status...what you have to be careful though is not to have your wave and his wave come across on different wavelengths in the event that you lose interest in trying and he starts up late...that will ultimately ruin the friendship

    • Well, what I thought at first was that I was already at risk for ruining the friendship we have, since we're pretty close, just by telling him that I like him as more than just a friend. The problem is, he actually flirts with me quite a bit but doesn't seem to realize it. So he just says that he's not sure what could have led to me liking him that way. Lately, it's actually been making me feel bad for telling him too. And putting so much stress on me that I feel like I'm gonna cry too.

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  • i would say it couldn't hurt. but because he knows you like him I wouldnt, as it might make him feel a little awkward