Can somebody give me some tips on my OkCupid profile?


I've never gotten a single reply from people I message. I don't send out pre-done messages. I read their profiles and discuss stuff specifically to them. I'm upbeat and usually crack a joke or two. Is there something in my profile that is turning people away?

Also, I've never gotten a message from anybody. I'm pretty active on the site. I go every day, rate people, check their profiles, message people and never get anything back. There has to be something I'm doing wrong.

(you may need to login to view the profile, I'm not sure)


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  • You sound desperate really. You wrote 4 paragraphs about what you need in a girl for your "About ME." They don't know anything about you, just that you have a lot of standards but so far nothing to offer in return. Oh, and no girl wants to learn upfront that you need a girl to hold you when you're feeling vulnerable. It's too wimpy right away.

    • As I'm reading through the rest, I'm sorry to say but you sound even more desperate than I thought. You need a girl to talk about you so much her friends get p*ssed. Call you everyday even though she has nothing to say. And tell you how cute and adorable you are all the time? Jeeez they don't even know you yet and I'm exhausted just thinking about all of those requirements. Those things come with time. You don't need to say all of that in a profile!

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    • Tell them if they go out with you, you MIGHT let them be spoiled by part of your fat paycheck. My friends told me to get on a dating site against my will. So being me, I resisted it even as they made the profile for me and so I put that in my About Me. I got more than a few ladies messaging me saying that try thought it was funny. So if I don't like to use dating sites and make it funny while I'm at it, then you should loosen up if you are using it for serious purposes...

    • ...if you start out with all this serious talk about you want a girl to do this or be that, then you are being picky. Just use it to say something about you and leave everything else to mystery. It might just be me, but the "cutesy" About Me's tend to be sort of cliche anyway.

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