Is he just confused?

This past weekend my ex texted me saying how much he missed me and how he thinks about me a lot. He also said I'm the only girl he wants. When I talked to him today, it seemed like completely changed his mind. What is going on?


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  • My ex did this to me too. Txtd me, he misses me. Toldm I'd callm later. When I called he sounded so bothered and argumentative. I was like wtf?

    So I chalked it up to that he just needed to know that day that if he wanted me back he could get me back or that I would at least entertain his emotions for him.

    So the next time he textd that he missed me I just texted back "thats too bad" because even the first time I was just being nice anyway, had no intentions of even going to dinner with him if he had asked.

    So I letm think the first time that he won and then blasted him when he tried it again!

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