Long distance relationship calls are complicated!

my boyfriend hasn't called me or texted me and its been 3 days now. should I call him first or wait for him to? he is on vacation and I don't know what he isn't calling me. what might be the reason?


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  • he could be drunk. if you want to talk to him, call him. not calling first is nonsense

    • I think he may be drinking with friends. I did call him first 3 times already and texted him a couple of times. but he takes so long to reply and I feel like I'm bothering him that's why I felt like I should wait for him to contact me. the only time we talk is if I contact him first.

    • If he sounds like he's bothered by you calling, maybe he was planning on a boys' night situation or just wants to be alone. three days isn't that long. can't you relax?

    • Okay thanks

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  • He might've forgotten his phone or charger at home before going on vacation, he doesn't get service where he's at, or he's having some alone time.

    • No he has his phone. and I ask why he hasn't called he said its because he is busy with family. but that is bull he can at least give me one simple txt. when he wasn't on vacay he texts constantly even after work.

    • I'm in a long distance relationship and when I'm with my family on vacation I text her before I leave, when I get there, before I head home, and after I head home. If I'm with my family on vacation I don't text or call my girlfriend. Family is too important to me. We've been together a little over a year now btw.

    • Ohh thanks!

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  • I'm kinda in your same situation.

    I've sent him a few texts, but still no response.

    If he cared enough, he would find some way to contact you.