What am I not getting here, how do I get over this?

I was seeing a guy for 2 months. We would text/talk daily. But he rarely wanted to see me unless it was on his terms. I know deep in my heart that I have felt so different towards this guy than any other guy I have ever dated. I truly believe that he is the one (not right now but some day). He said he was very annoyed with the texting which is why he was so cold to me. And that he didn't mean when he said "i don't have time to see you for 5 minutes tonight, my sleep is more important." Well today I told him that I knew he wanted a break so I gave it to him and his wish is granted I won't bother him anymore. He called me twice since then and said he really has no problem with me. I'm sad but hurt that it had to come to this. BUT...the kicker is he is the driver that delivers to my job everyday so I have to see him. How do I act towards him, is he trying to hang on or what?


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  • It's best to assume the worst.

    I'm really sorry, I'm sure this must be hard on you but if he can't make time for you he isn't worth it. A few text messages shouldn't be a big issue for him "OMG A TEXT MESSAGE?! WHAT A CHORE. OMG"

    Sounds like a wuss. I'm happy that you let him go.

    When you see him, be friendly but not overly friendly. A smile and a hello is all that's needed. And only smile and say hello if he sees you, don't go out of your way to see him or anything.