Meeting a guy from the internet? Guys, can I get tips for the first date?

I'm meeting the first guy I ever meet from the internet, the ironic thing is that we go to the same school! We met on plenty of fish and have been talking a lot and wanna meet. We're meeting in the afternoon at a local coffee place for lunch and coffee. Any precautions I should take?

And guys any tips for the first date?


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  • Ok first thing first ,don't be ashamed to meet a guy from online. I'm a good looking, handsome guy and I do it too sometimes, because it is easer and you know who you dealing with. Plus it breaks the ice even before meeting in person. Now any tips? yes, many guys are shy at the first seen, and you guys might get sometimes in your first date a moment of silent. THAT does't mean that he can't keep up with a conversation or he just can't talk to a woman or he is just weired, that is B.S. Problem is, just like girls guys are kind of shy at the beginning and it takes us a little time to adjust to it. My suggesting to you a kind one =) Give him a smile try not to make him to feel even worse then he will be if you guys will have a moment of silent. A simple smile at him A REAL ONE and a good eye contact for 2 sec will break his ice and you guys will be on track again in no time. I really want you to take my advice about a moment of silent where you can be a hero without saying anything. Just a cute smile :) and a cute look at him can change the whole night, that's all it takes. Good Luck


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  • it's really good to be meeting him in public but still be careful I recently went on a date with a guy from plenty of fish and he seemed really nice we even went out a couple of times and I let him drop me off at home well until you really know him I wouldn't let him know your place of residence since I decided it wasn't going to work out with the guy I went on a date with and he tried breaking into my house that same night so be careful because you really never know but I have also gained some good friends from the website as well don't wanna scare you away from it because lets face it sometimes being lonely sucks but I just want you to be extra careful and stay safe

  • Well it's a good thing that you are meeting him in a public place! If anything goes horribly wrong, there will be people around to assist you. Also, make sure a friend knows where you are and about how long you should be. Get them to text/call you after a certain amount of time to see if you might need rescuing. ;)

    As for first date tips, the biggest thing is to not be nervous. Easy to say, hard to follow, I realize this. Just take a deep breath, and be yourself. If he doesn't like you, then he certainly does not deserve you. Try and find some things you two have in common, such as favorite sports and teams, what you like or dislike about school etc. Don't feel like you owe him anything, because this is just a 'feel for' encounter. It's kind of seeing if you are comfortable in person instead of online. Give him your personal email for instant messaging instead of over a website, or your cell number so you can chat on the phone or text back and forth (it's a little more personal then an anonymous dating site). Any thing else I might be able to help you with, just message me! Good luck on this and all your personal journeys! :)

    • Thanks I appreaciate that!