I'm this age and never kissed?

OK, so I'm almost 19... And I've never kissed anybody. Never had a boyfriend.

Most of my friends have had SEX by this time (not that I'm into that right now, one step at a time after all)

get hit on by guys a lot and yes I do find it flattering but I don't really know to handle a relationship because I've never had one in that way. Although I have a few people I have slight crushes on, I can't see me kissing them. I have a bit of a flirtatious personality but I feel like a child not know what to do when the guys try to kiss me. I blush like a maniac and push them away as a reflex. I want to know how to kiss but I have that bad habit and I don't know how to control it.

I kinda feel like I'm a lost cause right now.

any advice would be lovely, thank you.


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  • So you're 18 and never kissed. I was 24 before I kissed anyone... same guy I had sex with for the first time - and I'm very happy with that. Don't feel like its a big problem or even a big deal, you are who you are. The right time and the right person will come along, and you'll do fine.

    If you're pushing them away you probably don't really want to kiss them, am I right? If that's not the case, then maybe you just need to plan ahead and calm yourself down beforehand, but if you haven't found someone you really care for, haven't had more than a 'slight crush', then don't sweat it. You don't have to kiss these guys. Kissing's not that hard, you don't need to get lots of practice!

    • Agreed. And if you're worried with how to go about kissing, keep your lips closed and tongue in your mouth and just go in for it. Don't forget to close your eyes and turn your head a little to avoid hitting noses. Good luck! It's not too hard. =)

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  • Haha, I'm a 20 year old virgin and I have never kissed before either, I have never been rejected either as I have never made a move on a girl before, but I have loads of experience just from observing, as I come from a very different background, I'm Armenian but I live in Egypt, nothing wrong in that, there is ALWAYS a first time, don't feel uncomfortable and settle your issues =) take things one by one, and start dating guys you are comfortable with and they won't force you on anything, I see it good as I am a guy who would never have issues with a girl that wants to take it slow =) and no you are NOT a lost cause right now !


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  • Lol your case is still better than mines. I am 20 years old never kissed a guy and I am obviously a virgin. It's no big deal, I want to wait so that my experience is special and not trashy. Don't get influenced by the media and trampy people, cherish and appreciate yourselves and someday some one will too

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