Psychology class help?

I have to do a project due this coming Monday and I have no idea what to do. An example of what people have done in the past is: A group of guys wondered if wearing cologne would help them get chicks better than if they didn't wear cologne. So they went around asking girls on dates with and without cologne and recorded the results. It's kind of like that. You can also do a survey: A girl in a class is doing a survey on which grade, juniors or seniors, would rather date a football player or soccer player. So those are some examples, I need help!



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  • Try breaking a social norm and record your observations. My suggestion is to stand facing the wrong way in an elevator and see how many people act unusually or seem to show signs of discomfor. You'll see, it really freaks people out.

    if you need a survey portion, then have a random sampling of people (prob your friends) fill out surveys which ask about how they would act and how they would feel in that exact situation.


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  • I had to do an obsevation when I took psychology. My observation was to see how many people chew with there mouths open. About 2/3 of the people I seen did this. You could do anything like how many guys would hold a door for a women, or how many people would stare pointlessly into the sky if they see someonelse staring up there lol


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  • That sounds like a fun project. It's basically any type of experiment you can think of right related to dating right?

    You can do:

    How many guys are willing to help a girl when she's dressed up vs when she's dressed down

    What color outfit will result in more guys approaching

    • No it can relate to anything not just dating but those are really good topics, thanks!