Do you date to find a spouse or just for a good time?

Just wondering do some wait till they’re older to date more seriously, or just date whom you like and take the relationship as it goes?


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  • I'm kind of just sleeping around right now. I don't want to be looking for a relationship at this stage in my life - I have way too much going on with school, internship, volunteer work, etc. and I still put my homework off til the last minute. I have a few fwbs and some of them already have spouses or partners.

    However, in the past and in the future as well I just try to enjoy the moment. I think you appreciate things much more in life when you accept that things may or may not move to the next stage and that you can't control everything. If you just think of it as "today is all we have" then I think (and know for myself from experience) that the love and the bond and the fun is so much more intense and beautiful really. If it moves on to the next stage, that's cool, but I don't think you should date with the purpose of scooping someone up as a hubby or wife. plus I don't know if I want a husband or wife yet. I usually (when not in hooking up mode like I am now) just look for someone to connect with and hope for the best. then I look for love. if I find someone to love me then I'm happy. If we decide to celebrate out love through some kind of ceremony or get legal benefits of marriage then that's fine too.

    of course this is just this stage in my life. I'm not sure if I want to get married or have kids but I'm more open to the latter. and marriage laws and tax breaks make building a life together much easier.

    although this is just for my life. if you are ready to start having kids and you actually want to have married life then I guess there's nothing wrong with seeking out what you want, I just think its kind of stifling and can get in the way if you get to the point where you are always waiting for a ring or trying to figure out if the person will accept your proposal.


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  • I don't see how someone could date for a spouse... Too much pressure, when there doesn't need to be. I would love to be married to the girl of my dreams, and have kids and all that... But the whole point of dating is to explore what's out there. If you actually know what your after, then that's what dating is and should be. Finding that person that fills the things you need as much as you can enjoy each other and grow. Maybe your needs are just sex and no commitment, maybe it's someone who inspires you, maybe it's someone that complete's you... That's what you have to figure out. The world is awesome when you do

  • Good practice find out what you like in a partner or not...etc

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