Ladies what would be the perfect homecoming date for you? I wanna be this girl's perfect homecoming date!!

Pretend your homecoming was coming up and I was your date what would you like me to "do" what would be "cute". How could I be the perfect Homecoming partner or date. Be creative :Ladies


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  • I'm not sure if your homecoming's already happened-probably has- but I'll still give some of my opinions on a perfect homecoming date. First of all, I would love it if he tries to keep me happy the whole night even if he gets tired of me or decides he wishes he went w someone else. Doing this shows he is a genuinely nice guy who puts others before himself. He shouldn't be too clingy through the night, but still be there for me. He should offer to get us drinks, be kind to my friends and me and dance with me. I would also love if he complimented how I looked and actually enjoys being with me that night. And don't leave a girl to go home by herself. Just make sure she is happy and it's one of the best nights of her life to ensure a wonderful homecoming for both of you.


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  • Jesus f***ing christ! what ever you do don't spend $200 and then get to sick to talk to her. You lose all of your money and ruin her night. This is an important night for the girl. You do whatever you have to to make her happy. And if you do get sick tell her. she will think you're ignoring her cause you're man. But make sure she has fun and doesn't hang around you because you're sick.