Seriously guys, what's the Deal here?

Okay, Basically I want an outside opinion of what my next move should be involving this guy that I met two weeks ago. I am very interested in getting to know him, but I have yet to gone out on an actual date with him. I have been over his house a couple of times and hung out with him an his friends. I realize now though that I am not the kind of girl that can have a casual fling with someone and leave it at that. Yes we make out and it's great, but he knows that I am still not going to sleep with him.

I want to know if he is just interested in me physically or if he' actually wants to get to know me for who I am. I have no problem asking this because I am not afraid to talk about anything, but what I do have a problem is WHEN I should ask to avoid seeming 'needy' .. My close friends says to wait after we hang out a couple more times, but as much as I try to not let it bother me- I'm really turned off when he says he'll call the same day or doesn't, or that he'll call to do something the next day and two days end up going by. Yeah, I know that we've only known each other 2 weeks and I never bring it up when I hear from him, but I feel like an idiot showing interest in a guy who may see me as a causal make out buddy or whatever.

Now, is this something guys usually do, or is this a obvious fact that I'm ignoring that means he's not interested? Also, should I just straight up ask him and risk us not talking anymore/ potentially ruining something?

SO . . . . . after I posted this question, he called around 2 when he got off work saying to call him in the morning to come over to his place so he can make me breakfast. I always get up real early, so I sent a message telling him to let me know when he-
-is up. An hour later I call to wake him up because I was starving.No answer.Now another hour later I'm here feeling like a complete idiot & I'm just over this whole thing-its on him now. The answer is pretty obvious..
ha, turns out he overslept but still. I'm gonna find out what the deal is whenever we hang again.

ps: added him on facebook. ;p


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  • Give this guy a chance and remember you are in control of what you allow to happen...good luck and I agree be picky!

    • I know I DEF agree with that, it's been too easy for him and after being ditched this morning I'm just done playing gales. I'm trying to give him a chance, but right now I feel like I'm wasting my time y'know? It's on him now. Thanks for your reply!

    • Thats ..what I wanted to will do anything to get you in bed...sorry that happened

    • *games*

      Ha ha, nah you could have said it. I told him straight up I wasn't sleeping with him & I remind him of that, but I dunno...if/when he calls I'm just gonna tell him I'm not cool with being blown off. & Me too. It seriously sucks.

  • He likes you for what you are probably. You should make him work hard. Be picky.


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