Do guys like it when a girl calls/text first?

My guy friend and I are slowly realizing that we both like each other. He usually calls or text first. But for 3 days he didn't contact me so I texted him first. And then he called me right away instead texting back.

Do guys like it when a girl calls/text first or is it better if you initiate it?

Does it seem needy and gives you the idea that you don't have to do any initiating because she called/texted first?


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  • taking initiative is basically an investment in someone. If a guy texts or calls first it's going to get old at some point because the guy is investing more than you are back into him. When people say 50/50 that's kind of what they mean. Guy contacts once (investment into you)... a few days later you should contact (investment in) him... Ideally anyways. 70/30 is cool to some, 60/40 is cool to some. Everyone has a place where they are more comfortable... Basically your feeling that out right now.

    • I think it's really difficult to find that right balance. I don't want to give him too much to the point where he'll take me for granted or find me desperate. Yet, I don't want to make him think he's losing me by showing not much affection...

    • If you focus on this issue, one you make it an issue, and two it becomes difficult...

      You have things to focus on that are more important, do that. niether of you are going anywhere, accept it. In the midst of doing things you suddenly want to talk to him. That's your cue. after that regardless of contact, let him make the next move. Just a suggestion that works for me

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  • It's nice to have the girl initiate conversation! It absolutely don't make you seem needy, it actually gives a good impression! :)

  • love it... shows you make effort.

    • Really? So it doesn't look desperate?

    • Do guys get annoyed though if a girl continually talk to them? because I always feel annoying whenever I initiate a conversation.

    • Nah. We don't get annoyed unless you act annoying. But I'm sure you don't :) And it doesn't look desperate either

  • we kinda like it if you sometimes initiate it instead


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