Can't get over her?

i've tried so hard. Me and her were together for 3 years and she broke up with me a couple of months ago because "she'd changed" over those 3 years and her feelings for me weren't the same as when she was younger.

2 months later, I haven't seen her or spoken to her since the breakup and I've tried to move on, but all I can imagine is her already with somebody else and it hurts, and it's stopping me from moving on.

Apart from watching my favorite TV shows (which I have been doing) what else can I do to help me?


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  • First off, you have to get out more and do things. Take up new hobbies, hang with friends, take a trip, meet new people. Second start dating again and have a good time on those dates. Don't bring up your ex or the past. Be positive and keep moving forward. Third, now its the time to spoil yourself. Get some new things for yourself, new clothes, new shoes ect. Moving on is not easy, it depends on the person. Don't expect things to get better over night, it takes time. NEVER talk to her again, no calls, no emails, no texts, nothing. Communicating with her in any type of way will put her on a pedistal that she doesn't deserve and it will boost her ego. You must give yourself the attention you deserve. Don't talk about her with your friends and family. She WILL have another guy if she doesn't already, so living for yourself is very important. If she contacts you ignore her, you are busy and giving your time to things and people that are worthy of your time. DON'T TRY TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER. The "friendship" ended when you got together. Move on, move forward, enjoy life, take care of business, become the alpha male, find someone better, and always hold your head up high.


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  • Find someone else rebound girl to help you get over her, and move on ..

  • I know your pain man, it'll take at least a year to fully heal. Don't try to rush anything and write your heart out in a journal or something. This will help you out also ==> link