Guys if you like a girl, why don't you call?

this guy I am seeing has straight up told me he really likes me, and wants to date me, problem is, he like never calls. he doesn't have texting so that's not an issue, but seriously like three days will go by before I break down and call him, so what's the deal? any good reason for not calling if you are into a girl?


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  • sometimes I'm busy, sometimes I might not like the girl too much, sometimes I might like the girl but like another girl better

  • He isn't sure we are guys since when do we get stuff right the first time... he might not be able to call you because he's busy or doesn't know your schedule... In today's society calling people is almost considered rude and only necessary in an emergency... He might be trying to contact you in other ways or he may want you to call him and he doesn't know if he likes you so he's scared you should (in my opinion) express your interest, if any, to him and then he'll call and talk to you too

    • Thanks for the advice. and I agree with calling people in todays society, I actually don't really enjoy talking on the phone, I just get a little nervous not hearing from him, wondering if I did something wrong. good to know though.

    • He is probably just as nervous as you are if not more... I still hate calling people and often times I dislike calling my girlfriend because I'm not sure what to say and I'm super nervous I'll sound stupid or worse

    • Its funny how calling someone you know is into you can make you nervous. still happens though, I get super nervous before I call him.

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