Why does he keep hanging out with other girls, if he is so much into me?

OK , I can`t figure this guy anymore.we live in the same boarding school so we see each other almost all day.since the beginning he has always been very sweet,gentle and kind to me.he has been hanging out with one girl in the beginning,when they stopped it, he started to focus more and more on me.i didn't want to give him any hopes since he is much younger than me, but meanwhile I started to like him a lot too.the way he looks at me is indescribably sweet, full of affection and care.he will always look for me when i`m in the same place.but he started to hang out with another girl meanwhile since I didn't openly response to his attention back I guess.when he was with this girl, I showed him with my behaviors that I was p*ssed, so he finally understood I like him too.after 3 weeks he broke up with this girl and now it`s about 10 days he is with another girl .they look closer with this girl that with the one before.but he still keeps looking at me with attention and focuses on me even when he is with his girlfriend of now.he did it when he was with the other one too.Actually before starting to hang out with this last girl , he was more flirty than ever with me , maybe he expected some closer move from me , but I couldn't because I still thought he was in a relationship.so he started to date this new girl now.but somehow I don`t believe in this relationships of him.

i think he knows now that I like him because one day he was saying to me that I looked so very young , like a kid and then he said to me since I said I had so many pimples in my face : maybe you've fallen in love with someone , that`s why...

now he is behaving closer to me , he creates more physical contact as well, like tickles me , touches me more (like to show something ), once he said : can I lay my head on you and he did it for about 2 minutes.and all of these happened while he is with this other girl.

but even though he is not a very shy guy with girls, he has never been very playboy-ish with me , never touched me more than normal or approached more.he is very careful with me.

some days ago we were sitting out and he came and wrapped my legs with his coat, so I wouldn't be cold.i told him I had my own coat but he didn't listen to me.

and his girlfriend was there.

he also was looking at me how I felt to see them together with this other girl and sometimes he tried to cheer me up and tried to make me smile.it is like I know he is following me all the time and it`s like I perceive all his senses are connected to me whenever i`m there.the same with me.

some days ago I saw a picture of all students where he is holding his now-girlfriends hand but looking at me smiling in a very warm way.

so then , why does he keep hanging out with other girls, if he is so much into me?

i can`t figure him out..do you guys think this is his way to try me and what I feel for him?

he is making me very angry this way...

please help.any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

here`s a more previous note about this problem of mine..

any advice would be very much appreciated;)


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  • That's because he just like the company of other girls. There's nothing wrong with that.


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