I thinking was of making a dating profile for a friend good idea or bad idea?

well here is the story a friend of mine had a misunderstanding with a girl about four years ago since then he thinks female should come to him because the last girl that I spoke about earlier approached him but he thinks talking to a girl is a chore and doesn't want to spend any money taking one out. I thinking about paying for the membership because he's to cheap to pay for it but wants to watch booty videos on youtube. He really needs to get out there and try what do you think people lost cause or not guys and girls comments welcomed


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  • It's nice of you to try and help your friend, but I think he sounds like a lost cause for now. If he's too lazy to approach a girl, much less take one he likes on a date, he won't get anywhere with an online profile. Girls are even more picky on those sites since they have hundreds of guys messaging them a day. They aren't going to be trying to contact him most likely, and he seems too lazy to contact them. He may need a little encouraging, but it's going to take him getting extremely lonely to realize that the world isn't going to drop a beautiful woman in his lap. He's going to have to work at it.

    • I don't disagree with this statement, for I know the guy too. However, laziness is only part of the factor. This guy is a victim of circumstance. Basically the only time he had direct contact with a female he was interested in, another one of our friends saw fit to ruin his chances with her. And ruined every other chance... He is almost in a self pity mode as far as not wanting to be bothered. Aside that, I agree with your statement pertaining to his laziness. Actually its stubbornness...

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  • Why make him a profile? Why not let him do it himself?

    Your friend sounds too lazy. It's currently a lost cause until he decides to fix that. One good piece of advice for him: the girls that DO end up approaching him will be the ones he's not initially attracted to. He needs to challenge himself and go get a girl he wants.

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