My boyfriend ditches me all the time!?

I'm 16 and my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. He has never been the type to ditch me or anything and is always a big sweetie. He's such a wonderful guy. However he always ditches me. For example today he promised we would hang out and then I get all dolled up and put on my cute new skirt and he texts me saying he is on his way to go to an indoor snowboard place. And when I try talking to him about ditching me he goes OK I get it, god your like my mom. And hangs up.

Is this weird so I have a right to be angry?

Advice please?

please give me advice of what I should say or do.

I won't dump him but I'm close..


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  • All I can say, is that he sounds like a bit of a d*** -atleast at the moment- I wouldn't ditch my girlfriend without seeing if she was okay with it, even then who the hell goes snowboarding when they could have their girlfriend all to themselves instead, crazy boy.

    What I would suggest doing is letting him know how ticked off you are at him ditching you, give him a bit of the silent treatment or if he texts you don't reply for a day or two, and when you do reply don't appologise for (and don't try to be a smart-arse and say "oh sorry I was snowboarding" that WILL make things worse) if you let him away with it then there's nothing to stop him doing it again.


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