First date and think I messed up?

Okay I went out with this girl for the first time and I offered to pay. She insisted that she pays, since she said she doesn't want someone to pay for her. In the end we split it, but I still feel bad about it. I don't know what else I could have done in this situation and hope that I will get a second (first) real date since I don't know If I can consider this a date.


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  • Ok, dude, there's nothing wrong with going dutch, even if you were intending on paying for the entire meal. What you did was pretty much exactly what I would have recomended you doing because she clearly insisted that she was willing to pay for the meal, and the last thing you wanna do is come off a pushy or forceful in (what I am assuming to be) a buding relationship.

    all in all, don't worry man, you'll have plenty of other opertunities to treat her to a full meal later on, but the fact that you let her feel more comfortable with herself about the whole situation by allowing her to at least pay her part.

    Relax man, you did no harm so don't read it so hard. First dates are not always like the movies, and just because things didn't go as "planned" dosen't really mean much.

    Best wishes, and hope I answered your question :D


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  • No, not at all! :D To me, for you to insist for paying is very polite and courteous. And because you let her pay half when she insisted, she feels like she can count on you and won't be a control freak all the time. Don't worry, you're perfectly fine :) Just be sure that you're not always expecting her to pay half 'kay? There will be a meal when you'll have to pay for it fully.

    Anyways, GOOD LUCK! I hope you get that second date! And don't feel so bad about it :)


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  • Don't think you messed up because she insisted on paying for herself. Some girls really don't like being paid for etc. ( My Girlfriend is the exact same, it's almost a fight if I want to pay for her. haha)