Why does my boyfriend want me to initiate our second kiss?

We've been dating for about two months and had our first kiss about a month ago. He hasn't tried to kiss me since which had me totally confused. My friend finally asked him why and he said because he wanted me to kiss him. He knows I'm a virgin. Is this his way of finding out if I'm into him or what? Confused.


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  • Well I would say that when you kiss someone it should be pretty obvious as to whether it is mtually enjoyed or not and for me it would not matter as long as she continued to kiss me back to me that would be enough but maybe he is more insecure when it comes to this issue and I would say why not just initiate it you two have already kissed I wouldn't think it would be a big deal but yeah maybe he wants to see if you like him enough to initiate it maybe he got a weird vibe from the first kiss like that you were not into him as much


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