I don't get it why has he stopped calling me everyday.

My boyfriend and I have been going together for two months now. we use to talk everyday till last friday. Then he started calling every other day. We have a long distance relationship so you would think he would want to talk. I know he is busy and has a test coming up that he has been studying for. But, he could at least call or text and say good night. I have called him a couple of times this week. Just to tell him that I have missed talking to him. When we talk it is about our future and Gods will for our lives. He even showed me the wedding ring he was going to get me. He tells me he loves me. So, why did he stop calling everyday? Do you think he is just so secure about our future he feels he doesn't have to? And he always tells me how lucky he is and that he can't do better. We are both Christians. I am saving myself for marriage. But, he didn't so he feels a little insecure about that. I told him it didn't bother me. Because if God could forgive him so could I. And Gods forgiveness is all that matters anyways. He is 42 would that make a difference. And I know he doesn't like talking on the phone or on skype. But, he likes talking to me so he does. And we talk for hours too. Last night we talked for four hours. And I know he was going to be going to church and studying today and watching football. I l don't need to talk everyday just got used to him calling me. What's going on with him?


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  • maybe something has changed in his plans and you need to just reassure him that the plan still works for the both of you


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