Would you date this guy? I really need some help.

we met a year ago, and initially when I met him, he was having a short fling with a girl that I knew. he ended things with her, and he then began pursuing me and wanted to be "friends with benefits." he said he couldn't "handle" a relationship because he was already in one for so long in high school. I said no, because I just don't do friends with benefits. then a month later he starts dating his ex from high school.

Then, they break up after about 6 months of dating, and immediately (within a week) makes out with the girl that I know, but decided he didn't like her, and he comes back to me. he told me that he ended it with both girls because he had feelings for me, but he didn't think I would give him a chance. he wrote a song about me, and took care of me when I was sick, but I was still hesitant about the whole thing. he said he wanted a committed relationship, but I didn't want to.

school ended, and we sort of lost touch because I was really bad at contacting him. then, we come back to school and I find out he was seeing another girl (which I wasn't mad about.) but then he dumps her to pursue me again! I said no, because I didn't wanna be that girl, and of course, he ends up dating his ex from the first time around.

a week after dating, he dumps her, and today he asked me out to dinner.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I can't tell if he's only dating these girls because I rejected him, or if he just can't make up his mind at all. what are your thoughts? he is a really nice kid, but he just can't make up his mind.


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  • forget him...his first intention was to be FWB with you...now he wants a relationship with you...aka rebound girl or FWB, all the same...he's playing the girls in the meantime and you don't want to be fodder in that fire

    • Could he have only gotten with these other girls because I kept rejecting him? because every time he gets involved with someone else, he dumps them, and comes back to me.

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    • If that's the case, then my suggestion is that you take things slow with him...if he asks why, you just tell him that he made a really bad first impression and with his history and other girls, he's going to have to work harder to make a relationship with you work...keep your guard up and good luck

    • Yeah you're right thank you

  • This guy is a bigger player than Randy Moss is for playing football. Forget about him you will become his next victim. When things don't work out with you he will go to another easier girl, then he sucks her juice then dumps her to try with you again. Its not worthy I am sorry to say this but that sounds like something I would do lol.

    • But if he keeps coming back to me, and ending things with the other girls, could he actually be interested in me? he only pursues other women when I reject him. it is so confusing.

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