How do you choose between 2 guys?

So I have been with my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years but I feel lately like we have grown apart and were not the same. I'm not happy as much and the way he lives his life shouldn't be with me... But I still love him and get very jealous and were still together pretty much. But there's this other guy that I have a thing with before, he treats me amazing. Much better than my boyfriend. And he cares about me, he does everything I want and is everything I want in a guy. Plus he is hot! But I cant seem to let my boyfriend go... I don't know why. Ugh!


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  • You sound like the girl I'm in love with. She's in exactly the same boat as you describe..

    From the position of the "other guy" I would have to advise you choose the person who loves/cares for you the most.

    However, as someone who could be someday in the position of your present boyfriend. I would hope someone would advise my girlfriend then to talk out how she's feeling about me (in a non-blaming and non-confrontational fashion) that I might have the chance to prove/show how much I love her.

    Given your not engadged, you should spend time with both men and see what you feel. Don't rule out the other guy. Sounds like he really loves you. How old is he?

    • My current boyfriend is 17, the other guy is 18. My current boyfriend does lovee he just shows ms in different ways, and he puts up with a lot from me, but he's been doing this new thing were he wants to live his life to the fullest whether it bothers me or not. And it's making us not good. this other guy is better to me mentally in the sence he does what I asks. He listens to me and cares. But I don't know of that would change after 2 years.Like my current boyfriend says I put to much of a leash on him

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    • That's a good idea, but the problem is my boyfriend has tolde that he doesn't want me to hang out with this "friend" cus he knows that he likes me... :/ so it's not a good thing. And it will get us to fighting... This "friend" has also been waiting for me for like 4 months to end it with my boyfriend cus he feels like he can treat me better than my boyfriend... I'm really confused on what to do. Especially at the fact I feel like I'm distancing with my boyfriend but I'm afraid to loose him also..

    • Then spend the first week with your boyfriend, make his feel special and like the only man in the world. See how he treats you after. If he's a "jerk" after that well you should probably break up anyway, if he's much better your winning again. With your other friend, if he really loves you 4 months and an extra weeks not much extra time to wait and he shouldn't be giving up on you if you spend the week with your boyfriend now :).

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  • This other guy that's treating you well - I'm sure he's doing it because you don't have a relationship as of yet - it's still in the youth phase where all the sparks and feelings are flying. I'm sure your boyfriend treated you the same way when you first got together. But now you've been together so long that those 'sparks' just don't happen anymore because you've learned to settle for each other and the relationship has become so predictable.

    You can't let your boyfriend go because you've emotionally bonded with him. You've been through a bunch of crap, you've connected well. This is probably why girlfriends cheat on their boyfriends, and try to get away with it. A new fling is fun, and it's exciting. But low and behold, the girl won't want to lose the boyfriend because they've invested so much time into each other.

  • Whatever you do, don't cheat. Think this through and if you do leave him, tell him exactly how you feel. Maybe you guys can work things out, but if you cant, give it some time before starting dating again. :)

  • flip a coin. that's how I make all my decisions... from what socks should I wear this morning to should I be straight or gay.


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