Was I supposed to kiss him?

Ok after a day of hanging out with this guy I've kind of been dating, we were lying on the couch against each other, right before he was about to leave. I was sort of looking at the tv and in the corner of my eye I could see him turn his head and he was looking at me. I was getting really nervous so I half-ass tilted my head.he kept looking at me and I guess I waited too long to turn my head, so we said goodbye and he settled for a hug.

I was nervous because last time I kissed him, I barely knew him, we were drunk, and we made out for like half an hour. We know each other on different terms now and kissing him sober is going to be so much different now we actually have feelings for each other.

What do I do next time I'm in this situation and guys, did I ruin it by not returning the favour?

Never mind, we kissed today:)


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  • You didn't ruin it, you just made your date probably just thinks you weren't ready, or didn't want to kiss yet. Though, this probably devastated him mentally, as I'm sure he thinks he made a complete fool of himself.

    He might not initiate anything for a while, so it might be up to you. He will likely be afraid to take another risk.

    But don't think the relationship is over! Just meet again, and try again : )

    • Ahhh I never thought about him maybe feeling like he made a fool of himself...now I feel worse lol.

      You're right, there will be other moments:)

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    • Yay, congratulations!

    • Lol thankyou

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  • dont worry.

    he'll probably be a little hesitant in kissing you for a while

    its up to you to kiss him

    but don't feel bad for not being ready

    or feeling nervous

    there're plently of girls out here who feel like that too