Never texts me first?

we've been dating about a month and in the beginning we used to hang out a lot and he would text me and visit me in any situation. recently he has made no attempts to hang out or text me first and he will never text me back when he's done with work (at the very latest 2:00pm) and usually stops texting me back way before that. ill text him good morning and he will immediately reply, and when I ask him how his night was he would say he went to sleep (at 2:00pm?) and sleep until the next morning, which is a lot more sleep than his job requires. once he admitted he was with his friend when I asked and another time he was with family, which I understand, but what I don't get is when he tells me the times he goes to sleep or is with friends or family, he had plenty of time to send me any sort of message or call, but just doesn't.

he even told me he was getting ready to come over to visit me, and he said he was getting in the shower (around 4 or 5), then I didn't hear from him until the next morning. he said he was with his cousins who picked him up around 6, and his phone died around 8, yet he didn't text or call before his phone died or after he realized he couldn't hang out.

when we do hang out everything seems normal, I just wish he'd not ignore me or answer a text or call once in a while, and not just in the early afternoon and morning.

i wonder if I'm just overreacting, or somethings up. I'm planning on waiting for him to text me first for once because usually its me who asks to hang out and me who texts and calls first (with no reply after a certain time).

so please tell me what you think!


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  • communicating is like playing chess... one person makes a move or talks/texts/'s the other players turn to return...don't play out of turn or you overbear the other person and come off as're over thinking the situation and need to consider other factors like being busy, sick, family/life issues, ...last option is cheating


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