He says he hopes things with us can move forward but he won't even reply my calls or texts?

So when things first started out between us we would text a lot... then we hung out, had a blast and then he becomes impossible to reach... he says he's got a lot going on but hopes here after he gets done with his home/school/work that we can move forward,

I respect that he's really busy and probably doesn't have a bunch of time to just sit and text but seriously not a word?

When he's around me he acts like everything is just peachy... but when he's gone its dead silent... I don't want to scare him off by confronting him about this again...

If I text him I feel needy, if I don't text I feel like I'm coming off as disinterested... I want to keep him interested I just don't know how...any words of wisdom?


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  • I think this guy might just be playing you. Some guys will actually tell girls that they want something more serious, just to string them on a little bit longer. And if this guy can't make enough time to contact you, then it will probably be the same issue if you actually do start dating him. A guy that is interested in a relationship WILL be available more. So far, he has shown that a relationship is the last thing on his list. He might as well say this:

    "Hey, I really like hooking up with you from time to time. I have all these other things that come before a relationship that I am occupied with right now. Not too sure, when all of that might not be an issue; maybe in a month, maybe in a year or so. But, how about you just stick around throughout all of this, so if I do decide one day that I can do the relationship bit I have you as an option."

    I would suggest to ask him what it is that he really wants because your getting mixed signals, and knowing the truth will really save you a lot of time. I think that doing this will display you as being confident, because you are telling him point blank what the issue is and that you need an answer. Also, this will show that you are not willing to wait around on him and that REALLY shows confidence. Not bringing up issues, because you don't want him to like you less, is just going to give him the idea that he can take advantage of you. I personally believe that there is no guy that is cute enough or fun enough worth letting him take advantage of me. No fun, and you always feel like you have to try so hard to impress...blah it gets old!

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