How do I ask him to kiss me?

me and my best guy friend have been really close at the moment and we sit next to each other everyday on the bus and hug just before I get off. The problem is whenever I sit next to him sure follows that fuzzy feeling that makes me want to kiss him, the problem isn't that I don't know how to kiss(even though he doesn't) the problem is that we have dated before and broke up under the condition that we would go out again when my siblings stopped annoying us. Should I give him a hint or something? and some advice from some shy guys on what I should do would be handy.

  • Just Kiss HIM!!!!
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  • Throw a hint and then do it anyway!
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  • Throw an hint and ask and then do it or not depending on answer!
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  • Don't do it cause you will ruin your friendship!
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  • I know that its hard for girls to do this but you have to just do it. If the guy is shy then its going to be very hard for him to kiss even harder on a bus. Just grad him and give him a kiss he will appreciate it. when I was in school up into about early 10th grade I was shy when it came to girls till I joined a band and I had a few girls after me and one kissed me out of no where. Now if I'm interested in a girl I tell her right of the bat


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  • well it is more of a spear of the moment sort of thing to start it off but just have pillow fights and movies and things that lead to it then kiss him but if you just want a casual kiss on ocations just ask

  • I'm a shy guy, and I always prefer a girl to be the one to kiss me first; however, if you're nervous then you should drop some increasingly obvious hints.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't ask him. Then it won't be romantic.

    I think you should flirt with him but don't throw yourself at him. He may be shy. I think you should do the love triangle. 2 eyes and the mouth.

    Look for a long time in his eyes and then when you know he's looking at you look at he's mouth. Then start it again the love triangle. But don't do it a lot.

    Just look more into his eyes.

    good luck hun:)