Any study session tips?

hey guys, here's the rundown:

I'm taking Organic Chemistry (for which those of you that have taken it, know its a headache). Anyways there's a girl in class who've I've known since last year (a sort of hi-when-i-see-them-in the-hall kinda thing). she's really sweet and really cute. today in class I was bored and started facebooking her. The convo mainly stuck around how either of us aren't learning anything and we decided together to study (probably in the library). She came by later to give me her number to text her when I'm available this week. And to my understanding its going to be just us.

So my question to you is: Do you have any advice as to how to be when we're studying? I've been in study sessions before but when I'm around girls I like I tend to act more reserved so I don't come off as a weirdo lol. If anyone else comes then that takes the pressure off the bit and we can just learn and have fun. On one hand we're both there to learn so I don't want to waste her time. But on the other, I think this gives me an opportunity to hang out with her a bit and I don't want to come off as boring or not interesting. Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks!


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  • Aw, this is going to be fun either way! That's cool, she's obviously cool with you as a person because she's totally into spending time away from class with you AND she was pretty forthcoming with her number :D.

    Just have fun, be yourself, keep it casual and light. Definitely enjoy your time with her and she'll do the same. If it goes well, see if she wants to hang out again like for coffee or something non-school related (that's the next step). I don't think you have to worry about coming off as a weirdo, just get to know each other more and go with the flow :). Good luck hun!

  • be yourself! since it is a study session remember to keep it focused on the books. I'm in ochem now too and agree that it's horrible and hard. study sessions are great. don't feel nervous or tense, relax and enjoy her/their company. let your colors show without over-doing it. and if she likes you, she'll want to hang out with you outside of class time/studying. hope this helps :)


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