Top TEN things guys do that would make girls not want to date them?

What are the top TEN things guys do that would make girls not want to date them?


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  • I cheated a bit because I read some of the other answers before writing this, so some of my answers are stolen from the people I agreed with, and some of my answers are things that I realize after I've started dating someone that makes me want to stop dating them.

    1. Poor hygiene

    2. Selfish (in general, or in the bedroom)

    3. Poor communication skills; not willing to discuss problems and try to work them out, or otherwise "shuts down" whenever we need to talk about something

    4. Clingy, jealous, insecure

    5. Can't hold an intelligent conversation/doesn't have strong opinions on anything, or on the flipside, isn't willing to have his opinions challenged/consider opinions other than his own

    6. Controlling, expects to make all the decisions in our relationship

    7. Doesn't have his own friends, interests, hobbies, etc. A guy doesn't need to be "popular" and really social, but for a relationship to be healthy, I think we need to have our own separate interests and not spend every waking hour of the day together.

    8. Holds me to different standards than he holds himself

    9. Full of himself

    10. Treats me or other people disrespectfully


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  • 1. Doesn't wear deoderant

    2. Wears too much deoderant

    3. opens the door for himself only

    4. arogance

    5. ignorance

    6. egotistical

    7. swears alot

    8. piercings anywhere /smoking/ drinking / drugs

    9. Needy / desperate

    10. Overly shy

    11. Makes no effort in making conversation

    12. dresses poorly (inc underwear showing)

    13. rudeness (burping, picking nose)

    14. criminal record / debt problems

    15. aggressive

    16. too politically and/ or religiously driven

    17. unintelligence

    18. No career goals or future prospects

    19. Unemployed

    20. Disrespectful of my values, beliefs and ideals

    Reading this I think I'm high maintenance.

  • 1) overly confident to the point they are cocky and brag

    2) few word texts I don't know just bothers me

    3) think they can just put deodorant on and they are set, have to smell nice

    4) care too much about their appearance, I like simple hair, clothes etc, not into guys who are branded

    5) LIE!

    6) I don't like being called hot orsexy...cute, pretty and beautiful means I'm more then just a sex object

    7) they don't respect their parents

    8) very stingy

    9) expect sex ALL THE TIME

    10) pick on your flaws.. ex: "you have a pimple there", really? no sh*t!

    idk this is my personal list


  • 1. Have poor hygiene.

    2. Be rude to women.

    3. Act cocky.

    4. Be selfish.

    5. Be extremely insecure.

    I can't think of anything else. Everything that bothers me fits into one of these categories.

  • Let's see

    don't talk about your past unless you are asked( but especaiily not what you ex liked)

    trying to keep your friends away from me- I gotta be comfotable with your guys/ you with my girls

    loud- I hate when people talk loud so other people notice them

    extravagent dressing-

    ie everything the game tells you to do isn't gonna impress me

    acting like you don't care- we want to see emotion and affection

    oh a during sex- it'd be nice if we came too

    • thanks...and the last one lmfao. I have no problem there :P

  • 1. bad hygiene

    2. no manners

    3. unmotivated

    4. cocky

    5. insensitive

    6. ignorant

    7. double standards

    8. manipulative

    9. dishonest

    10. not forward

    also when they come up with a bunch of b.s. because they aren't man enough to face reality

  • 1) you say rude things to me

    2) toclingy

    3) insensitivity

    4)into your self

    5)poor hidgene

  • What Every girl as said on here.

  • I agree with selfishstars...

  • 1. rude / poor manner

    2. poor hygiene

    3. lie

    4. extreme low self-esteem - keeps saying how he can't do anything right or that he's good for nothing etc.

    5. too cocky - keeps bragging about everything

    6. too stingy

    7. impatient

    8. undecisive

    9. no opinion on everything

    10. selfish

  • 1. lack of respect

    2. being a flake

    3. cockiness

    4. lack of trust

    5. too clingy

    6. nonresponsive

    7. not being spontaneous

    8. anger problems

    9. no alone time

    10. insensitivity


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  • The only problem I have on these lists is self-esteem/insecurties/confidence. I think they all basically fit into one thing. What to call that one thing, I don't know.