Kissing question?

So this guy and I are not going out, but we've been on 2 dates, and Friday will be the 3rd. Each date I've kissed him, but those 2 dates have been group dates. This Friday though it will be just us. I never kiss him before we leave to go somewhere, it's always at the end of the night. Should I kiss him when I first see him and then again at the end of the night? Or just wait 'til the end of the night?

It's not a makeout kiss, just a kiss on the lips.


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  • I really wouldn't suggest kissing anyone at the beginning of a date unless you've been dating long enough that he expects it. If you really want to kiss him then just hug him when you first get there and kiss him on the cheek during the hug if you feel like it. Other than that just don't think about it so much. Since this is your first single date you don't want to put too much pressure on it right at the beginning. Have fun!


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  • if he goes in for it kiss first let him. if he doesn't leave it for after


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  • like the guys said, don't rush into the kiss,

    maybe a simple kiss on the cheek after a hug would be nice,

    and most guys like it if you knew the right way to do it.

    just let be a simple and slow kiss... he's like that I guess...

    p.s: enjoy your date!

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