With all the things that she does to show attraction to me, when I do ask her to hang out?

This girl and I are always flirting with each other. I accidentally hit her foot one day and she commented, "that's probably all I'll ever get from you." So, I'm thinking over all the little things she does, and the pitch is slow and straight so I figure it's my turn to make the first move.

So a couple of days later I get her alone and casually and confidently ask if she wants to hang out sometime. She looks flustered and has to sit down for a second. Ha ha. I think I caught her off guard.

She says, "Hmm I don't know and do what?" I say it doesn't matter. She walks away and says "deal" without letting me continue to get her number to hang out which is the whole reason why I brought it up. The rest of the day, she is still looking my way and acting like herself, but never brought up her number. I should have asked her again but without a straight answer I didn't know how to act. At the end of the day she learned towards me and growled as if to show frustration.

But here's the bottom line: With all the things that she does to show attraction to me, when I do ask her to hang out it's a mixed signal. What gives? Advice?


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  • Next time you two are joking around just hit her man. lol as dumb as that sounds it works. Because she be all, "um why are you hitting me?" That's when you say, "well I thought we could fight, then kiss and make up. Now give me your phone number". If she likes you, you'll get the number. If she don't, you might not get to joke around with her again. I don't know, I did it once and it worked.

    • I see what you are saying. She is more likely to play hit me than vice versa The dilemma is that I threw it out that I wanted to hang out sometime, and she didn't respond 100% in a positive way.

      I feel like the whole situation was two step back, one step forward.

    • The way I see it you have to be firm with this girl. If she doesn't give you a straight up answer, don't bother chasing after her. For all you know she could know that you like her and uses your attention to feed her ego. I'm a pretty cut and dry person so it's either yes or no. I don't do maybe.

    • Oh yeah and I don't care who disagreed with my answer because I still got it in that night :p

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  • Maybe she wants you to chase her? I dunno, she sounds kind of crazy.


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  • ask as soon as possible. she has given you every conceivably clues without insinuating that she is a slut. that's my take from your story, anyway but, nevertheless, go for it anyway. what do you have to loose?