Do shy guys text or call girls they're interested in?

I can tell this shy guy really likes me, known each other for a year, he really likes me. But I always initiated conversations, text first, call first, etc, I think he knows by now I'm interested. I text him, he usually texts me back, sometimes he'll not respond, etc. He's really glad to see me when he sees me. He has this big grin on his face, we don't say much but it's still pretty good. He seems not to be interested in anyone, he even told me, I "have nothing to be jealous of.." So do shy guys really text or call girls they like? Would they like it more if the girl made the first move?


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  • I was shy for a long time in my life, and I always wanted girls to make the first move. It took me months, if not a year before I could even say anything to the girl I dated. After I was in the relationship for a while I became less shy, and it has become a lot easier to talk to girls since then.

    Just try to have some long conversations with him, preferably in person. Have 1-on-1 time where he has to talk, helps alleviate some of the shyness. Don't pressure him into talking but try to keep it fun and enticing, and he will come around. Talk about just casual things nothing about a relationship until the second or third long talk. Then he can get used to just talking to you, and it will be easier for him to tell you things.


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