I do not know if I should date her?

there is a girl who I kinda like she alright looking people do make fun of her for not being amazing looking. She has gone to third base and I haven't even gotten my first kiss. I don't want to b made fun of because I'm dating her. but I want to do "stuff" with her like get my first kiss and stuff. please help what should I do I'm 17

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  • f*** whatever anybody else thinks.. and you don't HAVE to date her to have sex..

    if she's down with not dating and hooking up, then you two can just be friends,

    but if she isn't then you should look for someone else..

    i understand your dilemma with the social standing bullsh*t, so I say don't date her..

    just look for another girl, some people may seem innocent but just keep it on the down low.

    i think that relationships shouldn't be taken so nonchalantly, that you should only be in a relationship if you want the commitment. since she's not the "hot-one" she might get a little clingy..

    • How should I ask her if she wants to be "friends with benefits"

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  • That's only okay if she wants the same thing.

    If all you want is to hook up, then be honest and tell her. She might surprise you by being okay with it. Don't lie to her and pretend you like her if all you want is to hook up. That's awful and she'll end up getting hurt, and your first kiss will be with someone that hates you.

    • I kinda like her though

  • Get to know her IF you actually like her, and see what happens.

    If you just wanna get with her physically, at least have the decency to be honest about it.

    F*ck what everyone else thinks.

  • You kinda like her?

    Not really?

    If you don't actually like her don't do it, for reasons that should be clear.

    Do you just want to dates her to "do stuff" with? because that is wrong also.


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