Kiss on the cheek for a first date? (:

I'm going on a date with this guy to the movies to see Paranormal Activity (Which I'm really nervous about. I hate scary movies, but I really don't want him to think I'm a baby ://) Well anyway, would it be okay to kiss him on the cheek at the end of the date? (: Thanks so much for any answers!

Oh, and any tips on not acting scared for scary movies? I really don't want to act like the proverbial 'scared girl' who 'needs protection'. But honestly, I'm terrified of scary movies!


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  • Of course it's okay to kiss him on the cheek! Haha every single guy I've dated, I kissed on or before the first date (not that I'm very forward at all... it's just always happened that way). Umm as for scary movies, I can't really help you there because I can't handle scary movies for the life of me. I'm 18 and they give me nightmares. ^_^ Don't be afraid to hold onto him and hide behind him during the movie though!

    • Thank youuu!! (: I love your answer!! <333333

      I will definitely kiss him on the cheek and use him as my shield!! (:


    • Yes, by all means, do so! It may sound cliche and old-fashioned, but we guys love feeling like the protector/hero to our princess! :) In a day and age where major dangers and threats aren't very common, it's the closest thing we can get to feeling like a knight-in-shining-armor. :)

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  • Guys love it when you act scared. WHen you grab our arm and hide behind our shoulder it makes us feel strong and that we can protect you. Even really scrawny guys can forget they can barely open a peanut butter jar when a girl comes to him for protection and comfort.

  • Well my first date and kiss were watching The Grudge back in 2004...the kiss was sweet and romantic but when I got home, I didn't sleep the whole night...


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  • Guys want you to be scared. That's why they take you to a scary movie.

    If he doesn't kiss you first by the end of the entire date,then kiss him on the cheek.

    But you want to watch out for the guys who make out during movies.

    I know some guys who just want it and they tell me they'll break up with her solely if she won't make out during a movie.good luck!