He gets online but he does not chat. What shall I assume from his behavior?

I met this guy through common friends and we started going out in group and we both showed interest and he introduced me to his friends...I sent him a message that I liked spending time with him...he did not respond...next day I called and he said he got the message and he liked it too and he did not reply...when I asked him to hang out on Saturday...he said he is not feeling well and may be they are celebrating his friend's birthday...and he will let me know on Thursday...but he has not called back...he gets online but he does not chat...not sure what to assume...


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  • Hey,

    I wouldn't assume anything necessarily. It's unclear whether he likes you or not, although I'm leaning towards perhaps not because he is being unresponsive. But, he may just not be in a position to date right now. He may be involved otherwise, or have another girl in his sights, he may be busy with work, or any other number of things.

    As such, I would ask if he wants to go out on a date. If he says yes, great. If he says no, fine. If he says he'd like to but not right now then tell him to call you if he does in the future - and that's that.


    - Evan

    Don’t Agree to This Date! -> link


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