Why does he act this way? Is he even interested in me or just playing games?

OK this guy I flirt with sometimes I like him...So I sent him a message on facebook and he doesn't reply. then the next day at school he was all hey! you wrote me on facebook and smiles all big I was all yea jerk you can't even reply then he was all I'm sorry really I was all sure OK then he was all you don't believe me do you I was all nope...then he hugged me all tight and then said do you know I was all nope...then he smiled and said OK your loss I was all OK then he always tries to hit things out of my hands. Then so he comes up to me Thursday and say hey I was all hi then he was all my phone is broken I asked why then he said cause your number isn't in it I laughed and told him I don't have a phone which I don't... and so he thought I said no but then I said you can call me if you believe in that so then he said call me and writes his # on my hand...But I didn't text him till the next day at like 10 but he was all who is this I was all guess he guess and gets if wrong but once I tell him its me he doesn't text back...Oh he is really cute and most of the girls like him..i guess he is used to them chasing him but I'm not... Is he mad that I didn't text or call him right away after school or something and everywhere I see him he stares or sometimes during class he will stare then flirt with this other girl...


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  • He's quite interested in you.


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