Long distance boyfriend would rather hang out with friends than talk to me on the phone?

K I'm kinda bitching but my guy works a crazy stressful job (he just started at this law firm) and he calls me for about 15min on his way home from work. But today I know he has some downtime to just chill since he only worked a half day and I would like to talk to him (when he was looking for jobs we used to skype and play silly games online and watch TV shows together). When I suggested we watch a show together on skype he was just like "nope going to hang with my friends"

I totally get he's stressed and doesn't have a lot of time outside of work. But I wish he would spend a little more time talking to me instead of always going to hang out with his friends. He hung out with them yesterday.

Am I being totally irrational? How can I get him to spend some of the little time he has talking to me? Or should I just let him chill with the guys and be happy he calls me everyday after work?


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  • You can't really expect all his extra time to go to you (as much as you may want him to). Friends will get his mind off of work/relieve stress and stuff, plus it's good to physically be around people.

    I know how you feel though, I'm in almost exactly the same situation. Actually, my boyfriend is out with friends as I type this lol. We have to be realistic though and be happy with the time we do get to have with them.

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